2018 Bowman Draft Jumbo Pyt #19 - The Breakers League

2018 Bowman Draft Jumbo Pyt #19

by Mjcd Sports cards (SULLY) W/Rotobreaks

Sorry! Its been too late. This break is expired!

2018 Bowman Draft Jumbo PYT #16 All color,Numbered,Refractors Autos ship! Base chrome and paper does not ship


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Spots Taken (Shown Below)

    Angels (Kyle Buhrmaster)Astros (Tricia Funnell)Athletics (Tricia Funnell)Blue Jays (stephanie marmolino)Braves (stephanie marmolino)Brewers (Brent Williams)Cardinals (Brad Bridges)Cubs (Bryan Vargas)Diamondbacks (Thomas Hutchings)Dodgers (stephanie marmolino)Giants (Giuseppe Borelli)Indians (Tricia Funnell)Mariners (Erick Reichard)Marlins (Jon Balon)Mets (Jon Balon)Nationals (stephanie marmolino)Orioles (Tricia Funnell)Padres (stephanie marmolino)Phillies (Mark DelMonaco)Pirates (Matthew Brennan)Rangers (Tricia Funnell)Rays (Jon Balon)Red Sox (Erick Reichard)Reds (Matthew Brennan)Rockies (Kyle Buhrmaster)Royals (Jon Balon)Tigers (Jon Balon)Twins (John Hirsch)White Sox (roy dahlquist)Yankees (Rick Beaver)