2018 Bowman Jumbo Case Break #1 - The Breakers League

2018 Bowman Jumbo Case Break #1

by Sports Card Nation

Sorry! Its been too late. This break is expired!

Full case (8 Boxes - 3 autos Each Box) Breaks when full! The following teams will be combined with the…

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Spots Taken (Shown Below)

    Astros (Gregg Lesinski)Braves (Christopher Errickson)Cardinals (Gregg Lesinski)Cubs (Chad Smeltzer)Marlins (Gregg Lesinski)Mets (Kyle Buhrmaster)Nationals (Erick Reichard)Padres (James Mosier Jr)Reds (Thomas Zamow)Royals (Danelis Mackevicius)White Sox (Conrad Saller)Yankees (Danelis Mackevicius)