2018 National Treasures FULL CASE PYT - The Breakers League

2018 National Treasures FULL CASE PYT

by The Rotobox

Sorry! Its been too late. This break is expired!

PICK YOUR TEAM FORMAT!! FULL CASE (4 BOXES) ALL CARDS SHIP! Each Box contains 8 Autographs or Memorabilia Cards, including…


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Spots Taken (Shown Below)

    Angels (FINAL FILLER)Astros (FILLER 2)Athletics (Brian Mayeda)Blue Jays (Mark Bleeks)Braves (Mark Bleeks)Brewers (Danelis Mackevicius)Cardinals (Stephen Hoeser)Cubs (Stephen Hoeser)Diamondbacks (FILLER 4)Dodgers (mike singer)Giants (Trevor Brown)Indians (Mark Bleeks)Mariners (giovanni malinconico)Marlins (giovanni malinconico)Mets (Allison Bollinger)Nationals (Mark McGinnis)Orioles (giovanni malinconico)Padres (Andrew Wilson)Phillies (Mark Bleeks)Pirates (JD White)Rangers (JD White)Rays (Justin Evans)Red Sox (Joshua O'Keefe)Reds (Joe McGinnis)Rockies (FILLER 3)Royals (Danelis Mackevicius)Tigers (Mark McGinnis)Twins (Mark McGinnis)White Sox (Stephen Hoeser)Yankees (giovanni malinconico)