2018 Optic Football Full case (12 boxes) - The Breakers League

2018 Optic Football Full case (12 boxes)

by ThaRealSportsCards (w/Rotobreaks)

Sorry! Its been too late. This break is expired!

1 auto per box with usually 2-3 Hot boxes per case (4 autos per hot box) Configuration: 12 boxes per…

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Spots Taken (Shown Below)

    49ers (Jonathan Rotonda)Bears (Mitchell LaRock)Bengals (Filler)Bills (Ray Parker)Broncos (Kc Burns)Browns (Keith Burns)Buccaneers (Kc Burns)Cardinals (Filler)Chargers (Kc Burns)Chiefs (Zackary Monson)Colts (Trevor Brown)Cowboys (Keith Burns)Dolphins (Kc Burns)Eagles (wayne santos)Falcons (Filler)Giants (aaron spencer)Jaguars (Filler)Jets (Jonathan Rotonda)Lions (Kc Burns)Packers (Keith Burns)Panthers (Jonathan Rotonda)Patriots (Marius Götze)Raiders (Daniel Hernandez)Rams (Clifton Ratliff)Ravens (Kimberly Ivey)Redskins (Kc Burns)Saints (Richard Slay)Seahawks (Jonathan Rotonda)Steelers (Keith Burns)Texans (Kc Burns)Titans (Filler)Vikings (John Hirsch)