2018 Topps Diamond Icons PYT Box#1 - The Breakers League

2018 Topps Diamond Icons PYT Box#1

by Mjcd Sports cards (SULLY) W/Rotobreaks

Sorry! Its been too late. This break is expired!

Topps Diamond icons is back 4 Boxes per full case 10 Hits per box 7 on card Autographs 2 Patch…

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Spots Taken (Shown Below)

    Angels (Jason Lukas)Astros (Bryan Vargas)Athletics (Jon Balon)Blue Jays (Shaun McGinnis)Braves (Jason Lukas)Brewers (allison langerud)Cardinals (Jon Balon)Cubs (Bryan Vargas)Diamondbacks (Jonathan Rotonda)Dodgers (Allison Bollinger)Giants (Mark Anderson)Indians (Michael Heath)Mariners (Bryan Vargas)Mets (Bryan Vargas)Nationals (Rebecca Reichard)Orioles (Mario Montes)Padres (Jon Balon)Phillies (Rebecca Reichard)Pirates (alexander berzins)Rangers (Shaun McGinnis)Red Sox (Bryan Vargas)Reds (Bryan Vargas)Royals (Tim Lan)Tigers (Jon Balon)Twins (Keith Schaefer)White Sox (David Jenkins)Yankees (Jason Lukas)