Half And Half PYT - The Breakers League

Half And Half PYT

by Mjcd Sports cards (SULLY) W/Rotobreaks

Sorry! Its been too late. This break is expired!

2019 Half Case of Inception 8 Boxes (8 Autos ) 2019 Half Case of Topps Gypsy Queen (10 Autos )…

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Spots Taken (Shown Below)

    Angels (Joe Kathan)Astros (FF Joe Kathan)Athletics (Anna Hoeser)Blue Jays (FF Joe Kathan)Braves (jessie lopez)Brewers (Joe Kathan)Cardinals (David Turgeon)Cubs (jessie lopez)Diamondbacks (FF Joe Kathan)Dodgers (Jeffrey D Hall)Giants (Anna Hoeser)Indians (FF Joe Kathan)Mariners (jason keith)Marlins (FF Joe Kathan)Mets (FF Joe Kathan)Nationals (John Hirsch)Orioles (FF Tricia Pangallo)Padres (FF T ped)Phillies (FF Joe Kathan)Pirates (FF Shannon Marie)Rangers (FF Shannon Marie)Rays (Joe Kathan)Red Sox (Joe Kathan)Reds (FF Tricia Pangallo)Rockies (FF Michael Heath)Royals (FF Steve Hoeser)Tigers (Jeff Wygal)Twins (John Hirsch)White Sox (Shaun McGinnis)Yankees (John Hirsch)