Super Premium High End mixer 12/10/2018 - The Breakers League

Super Premium High End mixer 12/10/2018

by The Rotobox

Sorry! Its been too late. This break is expired!

Super premium High end mixer!! 2 boxes 2018 Topps Dynasty 1 box 2018 National Treasures 1 box 2018 Topps Chrome…

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Spots Taken (Shown Below)

    Angels (Matthew Dick)Astros (steven palmer)Athletics (Stephen Hoeser)Blue Jays (Erick reichard)Braves (Karen Koszak)Brewers (Rick Beaver)Cardinals (Stephen Hoeser)Cubs (Stephanie Marmolini)Diamondbacks (Donny Gaska)Dodgers (Bryan Vargas)Giants (Trevor Brown)Indians (steven palmer)Mariners (Stephen Hoeser)Marlins (KC Burns)Mets (Kevin Resendes)Nationals (Robert Haro)Orioles (Daniel Smith)Padres (Clint Anderson)Phillies (Erick Reichard)Pirates (Keith Schaefer)Rangers (Mario Montes)Rays (Jordan Betor)Red Sox (Jeremy Campanile)Reds (Stephen Hoeser)Rockies (Allison Bollinger)Royals (Brian Mayeda)Tigers (Noal Bonnett)Twins (Michael Osullivan )White Sox (Alan Roche)Yankees (PATRICK ANGLE)