Want the thrill of an affordable shot at the biggest hits from your favorite team? Want to have a chance for cards of your favorite player but don’t want to shell out the dough for an entire box or case of your favorite product?

Try a spot in a live case break!

Live pick your team (PYT) case breaks give you the opportunity to purchase the rights to an entire box or case worth of cards featuring your FAVORITE team, and NONE of what you don’t want!

The professional breakers of THEBREAKERSLEAGUE.COM offer you the cases of your favorite trading card products, and then, based on the potential hits found in the checklist of that product, each team is priced individually for you to claim.

Once all the teams are claimed and paid up, at the scheduled time the breaker goes live for you to take part in the action!

You get to experience the rush of hunting the HUGE hits of your FAVORITE teams throughout an entire case, at a fraction of the cost!

Once the break is completed, your hits are securely shipped to you with tracking!

Want a chance at the BIGGEST teams for a lower price? Try a RANDOM case break… all teams are equal price, and a team is assigned to you randomly once the break sells out! Catch the hottest team for a fraction of the cost!

Any way you slice it, its a ton of fun to join or even just watch and cheer along! Watch, Join, Hit big!